Relative Space is proud to have provided material for “Another Life,” an art installation by Nicole Charles and Justin Pape. Drawing attention to the impacts of our consumption, viewers were encouraged to attach pieces of fabric to the work, inviting contemplation on how individual actions have the power to create change. As long-time advocates of conscious consumption, Relative Space was thrilled to support this project.

The images shown were taken at Neighbourhood Studio before “Another Life” was moved to Holt Renfrew’s Bloor Street store.

From the artists:
“We are living in a world of planned and perceived obsolescence, consuming without concern, leading to endangerment of species and our planet. Coming together as a community affords us more resources and power to create change. How can we rethink our patterns of consumption and waste?

Another Life is a giant skeleton of a tusk, inviting viewers to walk inside and tie fabric onto its structure, communally building this piece. The engulfing size of the tusk is a nod to our society and planet — we are living in it and have the power to affect it.

We approached Another Life as a community project. It is made of over 90% reused or repurposed materials in an effort to create an eco-friendly and socially conscious piece with minimal waste. The tusk is held together with screws which allow for it to be dis-assembled and repurposed again. Its rough exterior and imperfections are purposeful and reference the multiple lives an object or material can have. The fabric pieces are either manufacturing scraps or reused
from previous jobs.” — Nicole Charles and Justin Pape

Another Life detail

This project was made possible by repurposing scrap material from these local companies:

Well and Good (wood, workspace)
Relative Space (flooring)
Notion Manufacturing (fabric)
Avery Plewes (fabric)
Kotn (fabric)
Holt Renfrew (fabric)

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