An innovative, antibacterial wood floor

A brand new collection of engineered wood flooring by Salis, Armonico has an innovative antibacterial finish called LegnoResina.

Made up of 11 colours, 4 patterns, and 2 grades for 88 possibilities.

Colours are expressed through an “harmonic” palette: cold to warm tones and neutral white. The palette presents various moods of contemporary living while the collection presents options for creating individuality. A sophisticated system of hardwood that is easy to understand, but offers many possibilities.

The finish, LegnoResina, is a revolutionary finish designed by Salis and Renner Group to give wood surfaces durability, performance and reliability never seen before. LegnoResina is a mix of 98% precious resins, corundum and natural raw materials that create a structural bond with the wood giving it extraordinary technical performance. It does not release formaldehyde. It does not contain pentaclorofenol.

The sanitizing treatment is special charges of silver ions applied to the top layer of the floor. The ions block the respiration of bacteria, killing 99.9% of all varieties. This effect is persistent, regardless of the amount of bacteria, making it effective on residential and high-traffic commercial applications.

See more and watch an introduction by the designer on our collection launch page.


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