Milky’s Toronto


A first of its kind, Milky’s Coffee in Toronto utilizes Matita across the floor, walls, and ceiling. The space uses approximately 1,300 pieces of diamond shaped wood in two colours — with a touch of marble — to create a pattern that changes as it loops around the room. The natural and white wood tones create contrast and contribute to the “loud minimalist” aesthetic of the shop. The planks transition seamlessly from floor to wall to ceiling, and the harmonious lines are complemented by inset Bocci outlets and invisible shelves.

Product: Matita

Design: Batay-Csorba Architects

Photography: Double Space Photography

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Project Details



Installation Type

Matita glued on floor, walls and ceiling

Installation Size

300 sq ft

Product Info

Collection Name




Top Layer

White oak in natural and stained white


Glue down


Length: 1000 mm Dimensions Plank Width: 300 mm Height: 16 mm


  • Wood: European walnut, American walnut, or Oak
  • Stone: Carrera marble, or Marquina black marble
  • Outline: Burnished brass, wenge, or maple
  • Three styles: all wood, with outline, or with outline and stone