United Nude Bond

Manhattan, New York City

The United Nude New York flagship store (now closed) was across the street from our Bond Street office. At the store’s launch, the Dutch shoe brand presented a concept car designed by Zaha Hadid to promote their product collaboration. One particular flooring concern for a shoe store is heel indentations. Our solution was an oil-finished tropical wood with fantastic dent resistance and ease of care.

Product: Sucupira from Flyt Collection

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Project Details


Manhattan, New York City

Installation Type

Retail store

Installation Size

1,000+ sq ft

Product Info

Collection Name



Natural oil

Top Layer

Sucupira lamella over three-layer solid core construction


Glued down over subfloor


Length: 1800 mm Dimensions Plank Width: 127 mm Height: 14 mm


  • Stocked product
  • Light brush texture
  • Bona matte lacquer finish
  • All full length boards
  • Three layer construction